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Cold Steel Rajah II Review

If you are looking for a blade that’s got the muscle of a fixed blade knife in a compact Easy-to-carry folding blade form, then Cold Steel’s Rajah II may be just the knife you are looking for. The Rajah II has a massive Kukri style blade that is sharp enough to shave with out of the box but is surprisingly light weight for its size. Cold Steel’s TriAd Locking System secures the blade and allows it to withstand over 400lbs of downward force. Now, one thing that should be made clear is that this knife is huge. It’s not as heavy as you would expect, but the shear size of the knife means that this is probably not going to be your EDC (Every-Day-Carry) knife. On the other hand, if you’re going on a camping trip, or know you are going to need to perform some heavy duty work, the Rajah II is just the knife you’re looking for. I’ve always been a fan of Cold Steel and they didn’t disappoint me with this blade. The Rajah II is one tough hombre. (Read More...)

Gerber LMF II Review

Even with the arrival of the Gerber Bear Grylls knife collection, the Gerber LMF II survival knife remains an industry leader. LMF stands for Lightweight Multi-Functional which is the perfect designation for this knife. The Gerber LMF II was originally designed to be a survival knife for the US Air Force and has since been available to the everyday knife user. This knife can be used in nearly every situation and is a great pick for your average backpacker, hunter, or camper. This “Made in USA” fixed blade is a must for any outdoor survival enthusiasts (Read More...)

Knives of Alaska Bush Camp Review

Knives of Alaska is a smaller manufacturer specializing in outdoor knives. While many people may not be familiar with the company, they are one of my favorites and are one of the only manufacturers that I’ve never gotten a bad knife from. Today we’ll be looking at their Bush Camp knife; a large fixed blade bushcraft and survival knife. (Read More...)

Cold Steel Boar Spear Review

Spears are one of those blade categories that can be differentiated by working or hunting spears, or collectors’ pieces. Cold Steel’s Boar Spear kind of bridges that gap for a couple reasons. I can see using this spear in non-threatening situations if need be, but it can also hang on pegs on your knife wall. The Cold Steel Boar Spear is extremely light for its length and the balance is impeccable. Finding a spear you like can be difficult, but I think this one (with a little work) could fit the bill for most people. (Read More...)

Ka-Bar Zombie Famine Tanto Review

I’ve got to hand it to Ka-bar, the Zombie Killer line was a brilliant idea. With the incredible popularity of zombie films, TV shows, and books someone was going to capitalize on the pressing need for zombie home defense weapons and Ka-bar struck first. While the idea is funny and cool, I wanted to know if the actual knives were any good. So I took the Zombie Killer Famine Tanto into the woods and subjected it to a series of punishing tests. After all, if you trust a weapon to save you when the zombie apocalypse comes, you better make sure it actually works. (Read More...)

Byrd Cara Cara 2 Review

Byrd is a subsidiary of Spyderco and the Spyderco influence will be apparent to anyone handling the Cara Cara 2. Many distinctive features of Spyderco knives are included in the knife, including the FRN handle, thumbhole, and distinctive blade shape. The first generation Cara Cara was an excellent and this one is even better. The Byrd Cara Cara 2 is a great knife at an affordable price. (Read More...)

Spyderco Sage 1 Review

Spyderco has two amazing knives in the Sage series and the Sage 2, which boasts the titanium handle, is a beautifully crafted and highly effective knife that often times overshadows the Spyderco Sage 1. That being said, I think it is important that knife enthusiasts take a look at the Spyderco Sage 1 simply because it is the foundation of the Sage 2 and in my opinion the better knife of the two. It has all the muscle you need in an EDC (Read More...)

Buck Woodsman Review

If you are looking for a sturdy and solid fixed blade knife for fishing or skinning small game, you should consider the Buck Woodsman. My personal Woodsman has the Cocobola handle, that gives the knife a nostalgic feel. The fine brass guard, and bolsters add to this impression. The Woodsman looks like the kind of knife my Grandpa would have carried around. It’s small in size, easy to conceal and carry on camping trips or even to work. The Woodsman is made right here in the US, so you can not only get a great knife but also help out the country’s economy. (Read More...)

Bear Ops Manual Control Knife MC-100-b7-P Review

Bear & Son Cutlery® claims their mission is the manufacturing of the "best knives made in the USA". Bear and Son Cutlery recently introduced a new division called Bear OPS™, and it’s a Bear Ops knife that I’ll be looking at today. The Bear Ops Manual Controlled MC-100-B7-P is a beefy outdoors/camping knife, that looks like it could stand up to heavy punishment. I haven’t had time to take the knife on an actual camping trip, so instead I decided to put the knife through a series of heavy duty test in the backyard to find out if the MC-100-B7-P is as tough as it looks. (Read More...)

Gerber Prodigy Review

We are all familiar with the reputable Gerber LMF II knives thanks to all the outstanding and well-known features of the knife. What many may not know is that the Gerber Prodigy is the little brother to the LMF II series of knives. The Gerber Prodigy follows in the steps of the LMF II with a similarly well thought out design and execution to the blade. The Prodigy could be considered a survival, tactical, even combat knife. (Read More...)

Buck Vantage Pro Review

The Buck Vantage Pro is one of those knives that you will feel you are getting your money’s worth out of. There are pros and cons to all knives, and the Vantage Pro is no exception, but rarely do you come across such a good quality knife at such an affordable price. There are a few variations on the Buck Vantage series of knives: the Vantage Select, Vantage Pro, Vantage Avid, and Vantage Force, but today we’ll be looking at the Pro. (Read More...)

Spyderco Cricket Review

The Spyderco Cricket is one of my favorite knives to carry; everyone who sees it perform is shocked at its size and sharpness. As one of the most popular of the Spyderco “Little Big Knives,” the stainless steel Cricket is really “fashionable,” and while that isn’t necessarily something a real knife nut wants to hear, it is one of those folding blades that can go anywhere, anytime, and not feel out of place. The low profile design of the Cricket makes it a perfect knife to just drop in your pocket and go, you won’t even know its there. (Read More...)

Cold Steel Mini AK-47 Review

When one hears the phrase AK-47 what typically comes to mind is the assualt rifle designed by the legendary Russian Gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov which dominated the firearm market for decades. The AK-47 rifles were designed to be durable and simple and Cold Steel has done a great job of creating their AK-47 and Mini AK-47 folding blades around this principle. I have gotten a number of these knives over the years and just like the rifle, the Cold Steel AK-47 knives have remained a champion of their market. I recently picked up the newest Mini AK-47 since both styles, full size and mini, have gotten a total overhaul to see how it holds up to the older generation. (Read More...)

Knives of Alaska Cub Bear Review

Knives of Alaska is a smaller knife manufacturer that some of you may not have heard of. KOA specializes in hunting and outdoorsman knives, just the sort of knives you would need to tackle the Alaskan wilderness. I’m excited about reviewing their cub bear stag today, mainly because they’re a great USA based company that produces some of the highest quality production knives on the market today. You may have to pay a little more for a KOA knife but you’re going to get what you pay for. (Read More...)

KaBar Becker Necker Review

If you know anything about knives or the outdoors, the name Ethan Becker will have some meaning to you. Should it not ring any bells, Becker has been an innovator in the knife industry with his own line of knives, and over the years has paired with other knife makers to develop new and improved knives. Once such knife is the Becker Necker produced by KaBar (BK11). The KaBar Becker Necker can be classified as a compact, skeletonized knife that is a practical option for most outdoor and day-to-day applications. The KaBar Becker Necker BK11 is an updated version of Becker’s original design with some added benefits that add to this already great knife. (Read More...)

Spyderco Centofante 3 Review

When you hear the words “gentleman’s knife”, Frank Centofante’s designed Spyderco Centofante 3 is an example that should come to mind. I imagine such a knife being light, classy, and utilitarian. The Spyderco Centofante 3 fits the bill. It’s a really slick looking knife that can be carried during backyard or black-tie events. (Read More...)

Ontario Blackbird SK5 Review

Ontario Knife Company has been producing knives in the Empire State since 1889. Paul Sheiter is the man behind Hedgehog Leatherworks, a designer of high quality leather sheaths, and an avid outdoorsman. When I heard they were teaming up to produce an outdoor survival knife I had to pick one up. The Blackbird SK-5 is the fruit of their labor and one of best performers in my inventory. (Read More...)

Ka-Bar USMC Fighting/Utility Knife Review

Starting in WWII, KaBar has been the leading supplier of combat and survival knives for our troops, providing the Navy, Army, and Marines with tough fixed blades that could tackle whatever challenge the troops needed them to face. Of there different models, the KaBar USMC Fighting/Utility knife has been a favorite among enlisted and civilians thanks to its rugged nature and ability to withstand brutal environments. I recently replaced my original issue and to be honest with you; I love my new one just as much as the old. (Read More...)

Cold Steel Kobun 17T Review

Based off looks alone, you can tell that the Cold Steel Kobun has some deep roots in Japanese culture. In fact, “Kobun” actually means “soldier” in Japanese so it would only be fitting for this knife to be a self-defense or tactical tool. The Kobun is a really light and easily concealable knife that serves as a boot EDC/tactical blade. It’s pared down in comparison to others with a thin profile, but that gives it a sense of agility that larger, thicker knives lack. (Read More...)

Smith & Wesson M&P SWMP1BS Review

Smith & Wesson is famous for there guns but they also produce a line of knives as well… or do they? All knives you see under the names Smith & Wesson or Schrade are actually made and distributed by Taylor Brands, a Kingsport, TN based knifemaker (not that there is anything wrong with that). Today we’ll be looking at their Military & Police SWMP1BS (I specify the model number because the M&P’s come in a variety of styles). It’s a cool looking blade, with a handle made to resemble a Smith & Wesson gun, but is it any good? Let’s find out. (Read More...)

CRKT Hissatsu Review

The original CRKT Hissatsu is one of the best tactical knives out there and, as I recently found out, it’s little brother is no slouch either. Designed by James Williams, the Hissatsu Folder retains the defensive capability of its predecessor but can be concealed in a pocket or coat so that you’ll always have protection close by. The blade has a samurai sword look to it and can be rapidly deployed quickly via the thumb stud. The Hissatsu Folder likely has the greatest penetrating power I’ve ever seen on a folder, due to its thick blade and a powerful locking system that secures the blade in place. It’s a sleek looking blade and can double as a utility knife in a pinch though it’s primarily a self defense weapon. (Read More...)

Buck Smidgen Review

The Smidgen is a utility neck knife, made for light application. With an overall length of 4 1/8 inches, the Smidgen is limited but as a backup knife or an occasional EDC it’s perfect. It’s great as a box opener and it’s diminutive size means it can be carried discretely virtually anywhere. At 1.5 oz, you won’t even notice that it’s there. (Read More...)

SOG NW Ranger Review

The Pacific Northwest is a sportsman’s paradise. Its lush forest, tall mountains, and excellent hunting and fishing draw outdoorsman from around the world. With that in mind, SOG wanted to offer a knife as rugged and tough as Northwest itself. The NW Ranger is that offering. A long proven design, SOG now offers the NW Ranger with a plain edge, a big improvement over its traditional serrated blade. There is a place for serrated blades but the plain edge makes the NW Ranger multi-dimensional and more useful in the field. (Read More...)

Spyderco Street Beat Review

Spyderco often times is associated with folding blade knives, but that is not all they offer. Spyderco actually has some amazing fixed blades, one of which is the Spyderco Street Beat. A collaboration between Spyderco and French ex-Commando knife designer Fred Perrin, the Street Beat is one of the hottest Spyderco fixed blade knives out there. This is a small sheath knife that is extremely light and very well balanced making it quite adept as a self-defense tool. It’s also just really slick looking and the fit and finish is better than a lot of similar knives out there.(Read More...)

Buck Nobleman Review

I know for many people the label “Made in China” might as well say “Don’t buy me”. There is a reputation among knife enthusiast that knives manufactured in China are of inferior quality. This may be true for some knives but I assure you it is not for the Buck Nobleman. I picked this knife up with some trepidation but my reservations were quickly put to rest once I started testing the knife out. The blade is extremely sharp and the construction is solid. The Buck Nobleman is a great EDC at an affordable price.(Read More...)

Buck Hood Hoodlum Review

The Buck Hoodlum is a part of the Hood's Woods line of outdoor survival knives, a collaboration between Buck and the late Ron Hood. When I first heard about this knife, my first reaction was that it was probably more knife than I'd want to lug around the woods. But my curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to give the Hoodlum a shot. While, I wouldn't go so far as to say that carrying the Hoodlum was pain free, the size of the knife was less of an issue than I had expected.(Read More...)

Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow Review

If you're a dagger fan you're going to love the Shanghai Shadow. I feel it's the heir to the now discontinued Cold Steel Warhead. Like the Warhead, the Shangai Shadow boasts a strong spear point blade with a hefty broad belly that's perfect for hacking. The signature ring pommel allows for a number of secure gripping options and comes equipped with a heavy-duty Cordura sheath. If you've owned a previous model of the Shanghai Shadow, you'll notice that the guard has been tweeked from a rounded clover leaf design to a more traditional and functional flat guard design.(Read More...)

Boker Plus M3 Trench Knife Review

In the winter of 1942, in the immediate aftermath of the US entry into World War II, the American military was looking for a knife to replace the WWI-era Mark I trench knives. The design needed to be dual purpose, apt at both hand-to-hand combat and utility purposes. Enter the M3 trench knife. First entering service in 1943, the M3 trench knife would become an iconic symbol of American military might, and help lead the Allied forces to victory. Boker offers their own reproduction of the M3 trench knife (ironically made in Germany) and I recently picked one up to see how this classic design has withstood the tests of time. The reproduction itself is excellent and should satisfy any collectors or re-enactors out there.(Read More...)

Cold Steel Spartan Review

THIS IS SPARTA!!! Cold Steel pays tribute to those ancient Greeks and warriors of today with the wicked Cold Steel Spartan, a folding blade with an attitude. I honestly didn’t know much about this knife when I purchased it, other than the fact it had a cool name and could punch through Kevlar (judging by the Cold Steel promo video). I was essentially looking at this knife as a cool new toy but the Spartan surprised me. Its rugged toughness and durability makes it a very useful knife, whether you’re on a camping trip or fending off waves of Persian soldiers.(Read More...)

CRKT Neckolas Review

Terry Renner is a custom knifemaker and current president of the Florida Knifemakers' Association. He's teamed up with Columbia River (CRKT) to introduce a new and revolutionary neck knife- the Neckolas. I call it a neck knife but one of the things that's great about the Neckolas is that it can really be anything you want. Clips allow the knife to be attached to your pocket, belt, or anything else you can think of. It's kind of a goofy looking knife but after a few hours of using it, I fell in love. This is a practical knife, perfect for day to day chores.(Read More...)

Benchmade Barrage Review

Benchmade designed this knife as a fast draw-sturdy bladed knife. The quality and finish are excellent and Benchmade included a bunch of cool features to put the Barrage over the top. Benchmade has never let me down before and I fully expected another solid knife from them but I also expected a different sized knife so I wasn't sure what to make of the Barrage.(Read More...)

Ontario RAT 3 Review

Based in New York State, Ontario Knife Company is one of the leading knife manufacturers in the USA. I've always been a big fan of the practical, no fluff design of their fixed blades. Recently I got to try out one of their most popular models, the RAT 3. RAT stands for Randall Adventure & Training and while Randall and Ontario recently parted ways, Ontario still produces several RAT designed knives. They're in many ways the precursors of the ESEE knives but the Ontario's are more affordable. The RAT 3 has a sterling reputation, so I was eager to see what it could handle.(Read More...)

SOG Force Review

SOG has come a long way since their humble beginnings. Spencer Frazer founded the company in his Santa Monica apartment in 1986 and has steadly grown to become one of the giants of the knife world. The Force is one of their heavy duty fixed blades and I got the opportunity to take it on a camping trip over memorial day. It had four days to leave an impression and boy did it ever. The Force performed above and beyond my expectations and has earned itself a permanent place in my camp bag. (Read More...)

Gerber Gator Review

Gerber has long been an industry leader among knifemakers and since its debut the Gator has been one of their signature lines. Introduced in 1991, the Gator won "Most Innovative Knife of the Year" at the Blade Show. The cornerstones of the Gator line are ruggedness, great ergonomics, and affordable pricing. Today there are many variations of the Gator including machete and fixed blade models, but we're going to be looking at the classic Gator folder. Many of the Gator's innovations may seem run of the mill today but the success of the design is undeniable. Over 20 years later the Gator is still one of the most popular Gerber folding knives. (Read More...)

Buck 110 EcoLite Review

There is no question that the Buck 110 Folding Hunter is a classic. First introduced by Buck in 1962, it was the first knife to utilize a nail notch lockback design. It was and still is a great knife, there was only one issue; at 8oz the 110 was heavy for a pocket knife. Well, it took awhile but Buck came up with an answer to this. That answer was the Buck 110 EcoLite, a knife designed to preserve all that was great about the 110 in a lighter package. (Read More...)

SOG Creed Review

The first time I looked at the SOG Creed, I thought Doctor Frankenstein had decided to try his hand at knife making. The Creed is a fixed blade survival knife, with a blade shape that resembles a cross between a Latin Machete and a Bowie Knife. The Creed looks like a monster, but looks can be deceiving. To find out if the Creed has the bite to match it's bark I took it into the woods behind my house for some wilderness survival simulations. (Read More...)

Case Working Medium Jack Knife Review

Trout season is heating up and with it the need for small portable folding knives. Me and a few friends recently headed down for a fishing expedition on Missouri's Current River. This gave me a great chance to try out my new Case Working Medium Jack Knife in the field. The knife comes with two blades (a Pen and a Clip-Point) and is the perfect size for hauling around mountain streams. (Read More...)

Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow Review

If you're a dagger fan you're going to love the Shanghai Shadow. I feel it's the heir to the now discontinued Cold Steel Warhead. Like the Warhead, the Shangai Shadow boasts a strong spear point blade with a hefty broad belly that's perfect for hacking. The signature ring pommel allows for a number of secure gripping options and comes equipped with a heavy-duty Cordura sheath. If you've owned a previous model of the Shanghai Shadow, you'll notice that the guard has been tweeked from a rounded clover leaf design to a more traditional and functional flat guard design.(Read More...)

Gerber Obsidian Review

Obsidian is the sharpest material on earth, so you would expect a knife named after the volcanic glass to have a hair-splitting blade. The Gerber Obsidian is sharp (although not as sharp as the name would imply) but it's real purpose is to serve as a normal everyday folding knife that can double as a multi-tool. Most multi-tools have knife blades but they are multi-tools first and blades second, this means the knife on your average multi-tool is limited. Gerber reversed this dichotomy on the Obsidian; it's a knife first and foremost, but with some added features of a multitool.(Read More...)

Case Yellow SS Fishing Knife Review

I love fishing; it's my favorite past time. As a kid I was always looking for the perfect little fish cleaning folder and it's fair to say that my love of fishing is what first got me into knives. While the big fixed blades may get a lot of attention, pocket sized fishing knives will always have a special place in my heart. Because of this predilection, I'm a big fan of Case knives. They've been making knives like this since 1889, and if you want that old-timey look they're the guys to check out. The Case Yellow SS Fishing Knife is a perfect example of this. It's both beautiful and highly functional.(Read More...)

Ontario Little Bird Review

The Ontario Little Bird is an interesting knife. It's very small but is built like a dump truck. I've had great success with Ontario knives over the years but I had some misgivings when I first heard about this blade. It looks cool but I had questions about how useful a knife with such a small cutting edge could be. Luckily, my friend and hunting enthusiast Jim Phillips set me straight. He's a big fan of the Little Bird and told me it was the best skinner he's ever seen. That's big talk but Jim was willing to put his money where his mouth was. After one hunting trip with Jim, all my doubts were laid to rest and I decided to add the Little Bird to my collection(Read More...)

Benchmade Griptillian Tanto Review

The Griptillian is probably Benchmade's most popular line of knives. These folders are suppose to be the ultimate in EDC knives and have a sterling reputation. When picking out a Griptillian you have a lot of different options as Benchmade offers different blade shapes, sizes, and materials. You can also find the Griptillian in virtually any handle color imaginable. Today, we'll be taking a look at the Griptillian Tanto 553, a lightweight folder featuring Benchmade's patented AXIS locking mechanism.(Read More...)

Knives of Alaska Alpha Wolf Review

Knives of Alaska is a company that specializes in making high quality hunting and outdoor knives. They're an American owned and run company and I've always been impressed by their simple and highly functional designs. The KOA Alpha Wolf knife is a mid-sized hunting knife, perfect for cleaning whitetails or deboning hogs. It comes with a leather sheath for easy storage and is light enough that you won't even notice it on those long hikes through the bush.(Read More...)

CRKT M16-13ZM Review

The CRKT M16 line is one of the more popular folding line of knives out there today. There are innumerable variations of the M16 out there, so keep in mind that this review may not do justice to some of the other models out there. My M16 is a M16-13ZM. It's lightweight and features spear point blade with a desert camo handle pattern. I've heard a lot of hype about this knife and was eager to try it out. Unfortunately I found the M16 to be a huge disappointment.(Read More...)

Gerber Big Rock Review

The Gerber Big Rock is a hefty fixed blade knife designed by William Harsey. Harsey initially intended for the Big Rock to be a dedicated hunting knife, but it ended up being a multipurpose heavy blade knife, perfect for camping as well. I've had some issues with Gerber blades in the past and probably would have passed on this knife.(Read More...)

Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Review

I love the Kershaw Ken Onion line and I've made it my mission to collect them all. I previously reviewed the Kershaw Chive and today we'll be taking a look at its bigger brother the Leek. Like the other Ken Onion designed Kershaw knives, the Leek comes in a number of different versions but the one were going to be looking at today is the plain edge-all stainless steel construction. Kershaw is owned by KAI Group of Japan but the Ken Onion line is built right here in the USA.(Read More...)

Ka-Bar Little Finn Hunter Review

Little Finn is a member of Ka-bar’s Hunter line of knives. All of these are field knives featuring beautiful leather handles and fine finished blades. The Little Finn has been around for quite some time, being offered first by Ka-Bar early in the 1900’s. It’s a little knife, smaller than many folders, but it’s a knife that leaves an impression due to its good looks. I was eager to see if the Little Finn’s performance could match its looks, so I decided to take a little fishing/camping trip and test it out.(Read More...)

Spyderco Endura 4 Review

In many ways the Endura is Spyderco's signature knife. The original Endura was revolutionary for its time. It was the first lightweight production folder to feature a pocket-carry clip and have a one-hand operable, high-carbon, performance blade. The model has been so popular that it's currently in it's 4th generation. I love little lightweight folders, so I was excited to get my Endura and put it through the paces.(Read More...)

Ontario Ranger Falcon Review

Ontario knives is an American company that's been producing knives since 1889. Ontario is one of my favorite companies for heavy duty production knives and today we'll be looking at one, the Ontario Ranger Falcon. Ontario's Ranger series are high carbon fixed blades with non-reflective black coatings that are marketed towards armed forces personnel. The Falcon is a broad bellied knife designed for heavy duty work.(Read More...)

Spyderco Tenacious Review

I’ve recently been in the market for a new knife. I was looking for a decent sized every day carry knife that fell in my price range and after a tip from a friend I began researching the Spyderco Tenacious folding blade knife. The knife offered plenty of bells and whistles for a reasonable price. I was looking for a large plain edged knife that had pillar construction with a full flat grind, and that is what I got with the Spyderco Tenacious folding blade knife.(Read More...)

Cold Steel American Lawman Review

Cold Steel’s American Lawman series was designed as a multi-functional knife capable of tackling the diverse needs of law enforcement officers. It’s simple but flexible design makes the Lawman an excellent choice for civilians in the market for an EDC (every day carry) knife as well. I’m going to focus on the full size American Lawman in this review, as it’s the one I own, but readers looking for a smaller more compact knife should bear in mind Cold Steel also makes a smaller version of American Lawman called the Mini Lawman. (Read More...)

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete Review

Man vs. Wild has long been a guilty pleasure of mine, so it’s only natural that I would own a couple of Gerber’s Bear Grylls line of survival knives. I have several machetes but I’ve never owned a parang before. The design has long been recognized as a great jungle survival blade and while there are no jungles near my house there is some really thick brush in the backyard. The Paranga Machete performed well during the testing I’ve put it through and it has a number of features that I found to my liking. So without further a do lets get to the review.(Read More...)

Ka-Bar Becker Campanion Review

You may have had to do a double take when first catching a glimpse of this knife since it so closely resembles the Busse ASH-1. The KaBar Becker Campanion was designed by the legendary Ethan Becker who had originally produced this knife with Camillus. When Camillus went defunct, KaBar stepped up to the plate and began offerings the Campanion. This is a medium sized knife that can handle the jobs of a larger knife. I would classify this knife as a survival knife since it can handle the big jobs. (Read More...)

Condor Rodan Review

Looking for an awesome survival/outdoor knife? Well you're in luck because I've got one for you. The Condor Rodan is an absolute beast, and is affordable to boot. Condor is a El Salvadorean company that traces it's roots back to 18th Century Germany. I've only recently had any experience with Condor but I'm already a big fan. The Rodan is a big reason why. (Read More...)

Case Peanut Review

I’ve long been a fan of Case knives. They’re not known for their big hulking tactical blades or “EDC’s” that you can chop down a tree with. Instead they excel at making old fashioned pocket folders. Case knives remind me of the kind of pocket knives my grandpa use to use and the truth of the matter is that sometime bigger isn’t better. Too many knives today are so blade heavy that they’re cumbersome to use for more delicate and mundane task. The Case Peanut is not one of those knives.(Read More...)

Spyderco Warrior Review

The original warrior knife was developed by Michael Echanis (of Men Who Stare at Goats Fame), Bob Taylor, and Randy Wanner for use in the Korean Martial Art Hwa Rang Do. The unique design caught the eye of Guy Rafaeli and Spyderco and now they offer their own vision of the knife with the Spyderco Warrior Knife. Constructed of rust resistant H-1 steel, the Warrior Knife offers both excellent cutting power and shock resistance. It comes with full tang construction and a textured handle that offers secure grip for combat situations. When I saw the Warrior I had to have one to try it out. (Read More...)

Buck Nighthawk Review

Buck promotes the Nighthawk as the “ultimate stealth knife”. We’ll investigate this claim later but in all honesty I want to review the knife on its overall ability not just its purported stealth features. It’s a fixed blade knife, optimized for use as survival/tactical blade. I thought I’d push Buck’s Nighthawk to the limit and see just how tough a knife it actually is.(Read More...)

HK Mike Snody Designed Fixed Blade Knife 14100 Review

Benchmade’s motto is “It’s not a knife… it’s a Benchmade” and I’ve found the pride they show in there products well founded more times than not. Now they’ve teamed up with custom knife designer Mike Snody to produce a new line of fixed blade knives; the Benchmade HK Mike Snody Designed Fixed Blade Knife 14100 (the name kind of says it all). This knife features a very unique design but is it any good? I recently purchased one and I decided to find out.(Read More...)

SOG Vulcan VL01 Review

The SOG Vulcan is one of those knives that I really like to have on my person since it seems there isn't a scenario where it wouldn't come in handy. The Vulcan series of knives, which includes a tanto and a mini version, is a nice blend of form and function that is not lacking in the style department either. Originally, the SOG Vulcan was named after GE's M61A1 Vulcan which is the Gatling-cannon mounted on the F-15, F-16, and F-18. Being named after a cannon is pretty much tells how awesome this knife is. (Read More...)

H&K Benchmade Pika II Review

I recently picked up a Pika II on the recommendation of a friend. My initial impression was very positive. The knife was reasonably priced and I really liked it’s look (Spyderco influence?). However, several minutes playing with this knife out of the box convinced me that the Pika II has some serious flaws. (Read More...)

Boker Applegate Fairbairn II Knife Review

The Boker Applegate-Fairbairn II combat knife was a concept developed by Rex Applegate and W.E. Fairbairn in order to upgrade and resolve some issues with the knives used in WWII combat. The definition of a combat knife is one that is ideally crafted for hand-to-hand combat and other close combat situations. The Boker Applegate-Fairbairn II will pierce and slice with the best of the combat knives and will suffice as a utility knife in light application situations. This knife has a great balance between form and function. (Read More...)

Boker Escrima Folding Dagger Review

The German based company, Boker, has long been know for beautifully crafted knives and the Escrima Folding Dagger (EFD) is a great example of this ingenuity and precise craftsmanship. The EFD is the result of some of the greatest knife minds coming together to create a fighting dagger that meets the demands and high standards of those who rely on them in close combat situations. Dietmar Pohl, Bill Newman, Frank Metzner and Joachim Friedrich can all take credit for the Boker Escrima Folding Daggers impressive performance. (Read More...)

Buck Alpha Hunter Folder Review

Buck’s fixed blade Alpha Hunter’s have long been popular among knife enthusiast, but they also offer a folding version of the Alpha Hunter and that’s the model we’ll be reviewing today. This blade comes with a liner lock system that secures the blade firmly was deployed. The Alpha Hunter I’ll be reviewing is the drop point design, which differs significantly from other Alpha Hunter’s in that it does not come with a gut hook. I don’t really feel like I need a gut hook but if you do check out the Buck Alpha Hunter 278. Don’t think you’re getting nothing in return for the loss of the gut hook, though; the drop point version of the Alpha Hunter gives you a much stronger tip, which can be a great trade off if you are experienced at dressing game. (Read More...)

Cold Steel Gladius Machete 97GMS Review

The Gladius was the sword that conquered the Roman Empire and, thanks to Cold Steel, you can own one too. Developed over 2000 years ago by Celtic tribes in what is now Spain, the Roman Legions adopted this blade after seeing its devastating impact in battle. It’s stabbing ability was perfect for the Roman style of warfare and once adopted, nothing could match the Legion in a fight. The wasp shaped blade and long narrow point are the signatures of the Gladius. Cold Steel labeled the Gladius as a machete, but what you’re really getting is a short sword based on an ancient design. (Read More...)

Cold Steel SRK Review

SRK is an acronym for Survival Rescue Knife and is used to identify the Cold Steel fixed blade knife that is standard issue for all the US Navy Seals that are going though BUDS, or Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal training. The name says it; this piece from Cold Steel stands up to the abuses of hand-to-hand combat, survival needs like shelter making, and utility work around the job site or house. There’s a whole lot of punch packed into this small and stout leader of the fixed blade pack. (Read More...)

Buck TOPS CSAR-T Fixed Blade Review

When you look at the name of this knife you might be a little confused as to why it is being called the Buck TOPS CSAR-T. The reason for the joint name is due to the collaboration of Buck knives and TOPS Knives to create one of the meanest tactical/survival knives on the planet. Primarily designed for those who serve and protect, the CSAR-T is a great knife for anyone. Just a few general words on this knife before we get to the meat and potatoes; CSAR-T stands for Combat Search and Rescue Tool which implies its intended purpose. Secondly, this knife was built to take significant abuse and perform at the highest level in harsh conditions. With that said, I was ecstatic when these knives came out and have since been anxious to review it so here we go. (Read More...)

CRKT Razel SS7 Review

When most people think of a knife, they think of a traditional blade with a single point, but not Jon and Josh Graham. In 2001, the Graham brothers, of Graham Knives, developed a cross between a razor and a chisel and a blade that featured 2 points. CRKT followed up on the Grahams’ design and put the Graham Razel into production. The knife really has everything: a bottle opener, a glass breaker, and 3 edges to use in a variety of applications. (Read More...)

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife Review

Bear Grylls, star of the hit television show Man vs. Wild, has become a sort of cultural icon. Capitalizing on this success, Gerber has teamed up with Bear Grylls to introduce a new line of survival knives. They’ve been a hit, and I decided to take a look at the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife. With a name like that it’s got to be good knife, right…? Wrong. The Ultimate Survival Knife is a complete piece of garbage. It’s over priced and the quality would be disappointing in a bargain bin knife. They tacked a lot of things on to the knife but the overall construction quality is awful and it seems like Gerber rushed this out to capitalize on the Bear Grylls fad. (Read More...)

Ka-Bar Becker Combat Bowie Review

Developed at the start of the 19th century, the Bowie knife is an American icon. Taking its name from legendary frontiersman and defender of the Alamo Jim Bowie, the Bowie Knife is one of the most famous fighting knives of all time. Ka-Bar teamed up with Becker to produce a reimagining of this classic. Weighing in at 1.15lb and measuring 14.75” in length, the Ka-Bar Combat Bowie is an imposing sight. It features full tang construction and Grivory handles as well as a black nylon sheath with a small knife and accessory pouch included.

I’ve long been a fan of the Bowie and was eager to see how the Combat Bowie compared to other the other Bowie knives in my collection. Unlike some of the other Bowie’s I own, this one wasn’t designed as a showpiece. It’s a working knife and you’ll get the best use out of it in the field. (Read More...)

Ka-Bar Zombie Killer War Sword Review

With the threat of Doomsday looming, there has definitely been an upsurge in zombie activity and we all need to prepare ourselves. If you ask me, the KaBar facility is definitely where I want to be during the apocalypse. They have designed the Zombie Killer line of personal defense tools to protect you and your family in the undead hordes. These knives are named after the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”: Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. Pleasant and upbeat, I know. The Zombie Killer War Sword is my ghoul killing weapon of choice because of its unforgiving blade and solid slashing and stabbing abilities. (Read More...)

SOG SEAL Pup Review

That big and bad 30 ounce survival knife might be the best wood splitter in the world, but if you are stuck out on a day hike and didn’t feel like strapping a high carbon beast to your back, I’ll tell you – the SEAL Pup could literally be a lifesaver. In short, I love the practical dimensions of this knife. (Read More...)

Schrade Old Timer Mountain Lion Review

The Schrade 160OT Mountain Lion is an excellent medium sized hunting knife. I really like all the Schrade Old Timers, they have a classic look to them that you just don't find with a lot of knives these days. This isn't a high dollar collectors item. It's an affordable, tough working knife that's meant to be used in the field. (Read More...)

Tool Logic SLP2 Firestarter Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a dedicated camping knife, so today I thought we’d take a look at the Tool Logic SLPro Fire Starter SLP2. It’s a cool little knife with a number of unique features. You get knife, flashlight, whistle, and firestarter all rolled into one. Basically, all you’ll need in an survival knife in one compact package. (Read More...)

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